Open House #1 Results: What’s Happening Now and in the Future

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The January 2016 Open Houses were the first of 2 major outreach events for this project.  If people were unable to attend, they had the opportunity to participate online (see instructions below).  The results of the Open House are summarized in the following 2 documents:

RTP Open House #1 – Comment Summary

RTP Open House #1 – Compiled Comment Details

Online Open House Instructions:

1. To review the Open House information, click the images below.  Is something missing that is important to you?  Do you agree with the conclusions?  The information below is organized first by issue then by location.

2. To write comments on a map of the area, open the Map Comments Page

3. To write general comments not specific to a location, open the General Comments Page


1 - Overview and Goals_2


4 - Safety-Motor Vehicles EDIT4 - Safety-Motor Vehicles EDIT5 - Safety-Bikes & Pedestrians


9 - Future Traffic Growth (Landscape 1)_v3


6 - Motor Vehicles final3 - Pedestrians2 - Bicycles2 - Bicycles






7 - Transit

8 - Transit Cont









12 - Jefferson-1 13 - North Albany-1 14 - Albany-1 10 - Tangent 11 - Millersburg_emp

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