Albany Area Transit Development Plan

A Transit Development Plan (TDP) will be produced for the AAMPO planning area, in conjunction with the Regional Transportation Plan.  The TDP will address regional transit needs in greater detail than the Regional Transportation Plan.  It will outline a vision for public transportation in the AAMPO area and will serve as a guide for future investment in transit services.

The TDP will include an assessment of existing services, a summary of ridership trends, and a discussion of future transit needs.  Based on this information and public input, goals and policies will be identified that direct short-term, medium-term, and long-term operational and capital investment strategies.

The TDP will build off of local and regional public transportation planning documents, including the 2011 Albany Public Transit Plan, Linn County Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan, the Benton-Lincoln Counties Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan, the Salem-Keizer Transit Long Range Regional Plan, and other local, regional and statewide plans.


Regional Transit Connections Map – Click Image to Enlarge

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