Get Involved

Join the Conversation!  A very important part of planning our Regional Transportation System will be gathering information and ideas from people that use the roads, bike paths, buses, and the rest of the transportation system in the Albany Area. Developing a Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) that reflects the needs of the Albany Area requires the involvement of many people:

The Public

Input from the community is essential and there will be key opportunities for the public to get involved during the process, including open houses, online surveys, and talking with staff at public events.  Check the “Project News” bar on the right side of this website for current opportunities to connect.  We will also be conducting active outreach to organizations. If you have ideas to share or suggestions of groups to connect with, let us know! To receive meeting invitations and other updates, join the mailing list.  To learn more about public involvement, check out the Public Involvement Plan and Title 6/Non-Discrimination Plan.


The AAMPO Policy Board is the decision-making body for the MPO and reviews, evaluates, and considers final documents for adoption by the MPO.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) ensures the project is consistent with other adopted plans or other projects currently happening, and helps develop recommendations for Planning Commission and City Council consideration. For materials reviewed by the TAC, see Project Library.

The Project Management Team conducts the studies and produces reports and recommendations for the Policy Board and Technical Advisory Committee to review.

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