Regional Transportation Plan Framework ADOPTED

Regional Transportation Plan: On March 23, 2016 the AAMPO Policy Board adopted a Regional Transportation Plan Framework.  This document identifies goals and priorities for the regional transportation system and a constrained project list through 2040.  Adoption of this document followed a proactive public engagement process and completes the first phase of developing the MPO’s first Regional Transportation Plan.  The MPO will continue to work over the next year to refine the MPO’s goals, priorities, identified needs, and projects to be prioritized for funding over the planning horizon.  The second phase of the process will include development of an unconstrained project list, consideration of different development scenarios, fulfillment of Oregon Transportation Planning Rule requirements, and development of an Albany Area Transit Development Plan.

AAMPO RTP Framework – As Approved

AAMPO RTP Framework – Summary of Public Comments

Environmental Considerations Report

RTP Framework Presentation: Provides a brief overview of the process

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