Technical Advisory Committee on MARCH 9

AAMPO RTP TAC Members and Stakeholders, 

The AAMPO Regional Transportation Plan Technical Advisory Committee (RTP TAC) and regular AAMPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be holding back to back meetings on Thursday, March 9th. RTP TAC members who are not members of the regular AAMPO TAC may leave at the close of the RTP TAC meeting. Please find the agenda packets in the meeting details below.

RTP TAC Meeting Details:
Thursday, March 9th
1:30 - 3:30 pm
OCWCOG, Upstairs Conference Room
1400 Queen Ave SE, Albany
TAC Meeting Details:
Thursday, March 9th
3:30 - 5:00 pm
OCWCOG, Upstairs Conference Room
1400 Queen Ave SE, Albany

Stakeholders and members of the public are welcome to attend any AAMPO meeting and provide public comments.

Note that the February meetings were postponed until March to ensure we have final Mosaic results to present for discussion. Other RTP TAC agenda items will include: a progress report on the Regional Transportation Plan and Transit Development Plan, review of Transit Recommendations, and a public involvement update.

AAMPO TAC business items will include a review of the Fiscal Year 2018 work program, discussion of current STP-funded projects, and review of Surface Transportation Program project applications.  Agenda materials will be sent out closer to the meeting date.

Mosaic Process: 

The Mosaic work is underway to test the comprehensive benefits and costs of two different “aspirational” investment strategies: 1) “Improve Capacity” with a new river crossing connecting Millersburg to N. Albany; and, 2) “Managing Congestion on Existing Corridors” using technology, intersection improvements, regional transit, and I-5 interchange improvements.

We’ve completed the first step of the Mosaic process – preliminary travel model runs on the two scenarios. In Scenario #1, preliminary analysis shows that a travel model projects that a new rivercrossing would pull approximately 400 vehicles from each the Lyons and Ellsworth bridges during the ‘PM peak hour’. In Scenario #2, preliminary analysis shows that increased investment in the Loop would cause transit ridership to approximately double; however, this would still make up a very low portion of overall trips. We’ll share more details at the next meeting along with the full Mosaic results. As a reminder, the results of Mosaic won’t determine the final “aspirational” project list, they’ll just be another resource for consideration.

Transit Development Plan: 

Final transit technical memos are available at the links below and on the project website. The consultant team is currently working on short, mid, and long-term transit system scenarios based on input from the last set of meetings. Technical recommendations are expected by February.

Transit Existing Conditions Memo – Final

Transit Future Conditions Memo – Final

Transit Funding Memo – Final

Public Involvement: 

The consultant team has drafted a strategy for the next phase of public outreach. It will focus on speaking engagements and in-person outreach in March. Julie, a public involvement specialist with Cogito, will continue to assist with this next round of outreach. We are proposing to host events at specific locations in order to get input from key groups.


Theresa Conley
Albany Area MPO Manager
Cascades West Council of Governments
1400 Queen Ave SE, Suite 205
Albany, OR 97322
(541) 924-4548

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