Technical Advisory Committee, Transit Sub-Group meets on Aug 29

AAMPO RTP TAC Transit Subgroup,

Attached please find an agenda and materials for the Transit Subgroup meeting scheduled for Monday, August 29th from 10:00 am – Noon.  As attachments you’ll find a copy of the meeting’s presentation along with a packet of handouts that will be referenced during the meeting. These materials should help those participating remotely follow along.  The meeting agenda highlights three action items requested of the Transit Subgroup:

1.   Following a review of the needs-based objectives for transit service, the group will be asked to vote on a set of proposed evaluation criteria (See Design Evaluation Criteria on Page 2 of Meeting Packet). We will review each criterion, entertain clarifying questions, and then poll everyone regarding their interest in using each criterion.

2. The group will also be asked to select a desired type of transit service for a number of identified corridors/places in the AAMPO area.  We will review the options and vote on short, medium and long-term service needs for some sample corridors.  Then each of you will be asked to select service types for all of the corridor segments following the meeting (See Worksheet on Page 6 of Meeting Packet).

3.  Then based on what we discussed during the meeting, the group will be asked for advice regarding how best to develop the two short-term scenarios that will be evaluated for implementation in the next 1 to 3 years. The two scenarios should differ in that they “test” different approaches and one final design (either one of the scenarios or a hybrid of the two) will be carried forward.

Attachment A – Transit Subgroup – July 25 2016 Minutes Draft

Attachment B – Meeting Presentation

Attachment C – Meeting Packet

RTP TAC Transit Subgroup – August 29 2016 Agenda

Transit Ridership by Stop

Transit Ridership by Route

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